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We succeed by working as a team.


We develop by taking on new challenges.


We care by respecting and looking after each other.


We achieve by giving 100% in everything we do.

At Rockwood Academy, our central aim is to achieve excellent outcomes for all students in our care. We do this, initially, by building and effectively using robust evidence that means we can constantly share ‘what works’ for each individual child with all staff members.

We use frequent, high quality collaboration between teachers and support staff, other providers and children’s services so that every child is supported to achieve their aspirations.

Rockwood Academy teachers have regular, formal training and other professional development opportunities to aid their strive for excellence in the classroom. We recognise that continually improving the quality of teaching is the single most important factor in improving the outcomes for children – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This is why we schedule several events each week for staff to learn more about, and refine, their craft.

Our team of dedicated support staff also have many chances to develop their knowledge and skill-sets. As an example of impact, you will experience, just from visiting our site, the care and attention each person receives from our Administration Team.

At Rockwood Academy, our aim is to offer a calm, orderly, safe environment. We aim to ensure that all students are keen and ready to learn, both in lessons and at home. To this end, we work with parents, carers and young people – hearing their voices – in planning to better meet their needs. Students are regularly required to reflect on their approaches and decision-making, so that we can engender long-term habits that will prepare them for life beyond the Academy.

We are proud of our work on attendance and punctuality in helping to safeguard all of our young people. Our effective use of data and rigorous checking of students and families means that we can monitor absenteeism effectively and intervene quickly. As a result, rates of attendance and punctuality are significantly higher than the average for schools nationally.

Where students require extra support to achieve their potential, our students benefit from additional, targeted support. We deliver a balanced combination of academic (online and in-person tutoring), pastoral (mentoring and coaching) and specialist (speech and language therapy, for instance) support – this includes wider children’s services (Early Help, VRU etc.) where needed, to thrive.

Together, the steps above provide opportunity for all.

If you would like to know more, please contact Rockwood’s Headteacher (Mr R Reeve) via email – [email protected].

“We will be optimistic, ambitious and act with oneness.” – Our vision