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We are very fortunate to have a supportive and friendly parent/carer body. Our parents/carers recognise that educating children is a process that involves collaboration and partnership between parents/carers, class teachers and the school community.

As a partnership, our parents/carers will understand the importance of a good working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for adulthood.

For these reasons we continue to welcome and encourage parents/carers to participate fully in the life of the Academy.

With these values in mind, we expect parents/carers to respect the ethos of our school by:

  • Understanding that both teachers and parents/carers need to work together for the benefit of their children
  • Demonstrating that all members of the school community should be treated with respect, and therefore set a good example in their own speech and behaviour when communicating with any member of the school’s community
  • Seeking to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view, in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue
  • Correcting their own child’s behaviour, especially in public where it could otherwise lead to conflict, aggressive behaviour or unsafe behaviour
  • Approaching the school courteously to help resolve any issues of concern.
  • Being on time for any meetings with staff in the school
  • Ensuring their child has the correct uniform and equipment, as detailed in our Uniform and Equipment policy

If you have any concerns about your child, or require support, please contact one of our team. Details can be found below.

If you need to talk to a member of the welfare team during the summer holiday, please email [email protected]. This email address will be checked weekdays on a daily basis.