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The Year 10 mock exam timetable is below, along with instructions for students to familiarise themselves with; ready for the real GCSE exams in Year 11.

  1. You must follow all examination rules during line up, entry to the exams, during the exams and exiting the exams.
  2. Try your very best in the exams, use all the allocated time and prepare well. These exams will be used to ensure year 11 is planned to make you successful. The exam season provides you with the opportunity to plan and revise ready for your final GCSEs next May.
  3. If you need any support or guidance, please see Ms Sula, Ms Malone or Ms Creedon.
  4. We wish you the very best year 10. Good luck, go and smash your exams.
  5. When you are not in an exam, you are in your normal lessons.
 Monday 12th JuneTuesday 13th JuneWednesday 14th JuneThursday 15th JuneFriday 16th JuneSaturday
9am Exam   English language 1hr 45min  
1.10pm Exam   Chemistry Combined 1hr10 Triple 1hr 45min  
 Monday 19th JuneTuesday 20th JuneWednesday 21th JuneThursday 22th JuneFriday 23rd  JuneSaturday
9am ExamArt Practical 5 hrsMaths 1hr 30minSpanish/French Reading and Writing 2 hrsMaths paper 2 1hr 30minHistory 2 hrs Geography 1hr 30min 
1.10pm Exam Biology Combined 1hr10 Triple 1hr 45minEng Lit 1hr 30 min RE 1 hr 45 min Clash Geography 
 Monday 26th JuneTuesday 27h JuneWednesday 28th JuneThursday 29th JuneFriday 23rd  JuneSaturday
9am ExamPhysics Combined 1hr10 Triple 1hr 45minComputer Science 1hr 30min    
1.10pm ExamDT 2hrs Business 1hr 45minH&C 1hr 20min Clash Business