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The library provides an important Academy-wide resource for both students and staff. It aims to promote reading for pleasure and improved literacy, as well as supporting the curriculum by providing a range of up-to-date resources.

Under the guidance of our qualified Librarian, students can access the library at:

  • Morning break: 11.00 – 11.25
  • Lunch time: 1.25 – 2.10 (with a pass)
  • After school: 3.15 –  4.15

Students are asked to keep in mind some key points of Library usage, so that everyone can enjoy the resources available.

  • You may have up to six items at a time. Items are issued for two weeks on your library record.
  • Renewals are possible- just ask.
  • Books for return can be posted in the returned book box- do not put them straight back on the shelves or give them to your friends.
  • There are no fines if your book is late, but reminder letters will be issued.
  • Always speak to the librarian if there is a query about your book.
  • Accidents happen: always point out damage to the librarian.
  • It is possible to reserve a book if someone else has it.
  • A note will be sent via your register when a requested book is available for you.